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Professional Dog Photographer

Based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Photographing you and your dogs for the walls of your Staffordshire home




Have you got a Pet?

Large dog photography stoke on trent

Are tired of settling for the same old phone pics of your pets?

Do your pets best features get lost in a thicket of bad lighting and awkward angles?

If you are looking to upgrade from phone snaps to professionally taken, stunning, printed photos of your beloved pet, we can help!


On Location Dog Photgrapher Shoots

Dog Photographer Portrait Packages

End of Life Dog Photographer Shoots

Dog portrait photography of a Beagle

Wall Art


I’m Alan, dog lover, cat lover and Dad to a lizard named Milo!

As the owner of 2 Alaskan Malamutes, a Huskey, and a French Bulldog, I know just how big a part of the family our dogs truly are! I couldn’t imagine my house without pictures of them all over!

I’m sure you’ve been there before: you’re trying to get a picture of your pet, but they won’t stay still long enough to get a good picture. You end up with pictures on your phone that you don’t know what to do with.

You deserve better.
As a professional dog photographer , I’ll get the stunning pictures of your pet that you dream of. I use my years of experience working with animals to make sure I capture exactly who your pet is in one perfect shot, so that I can print those photos and present them perfectly for the walls of your home!

As a member of both The Guild of Photographers and The Societies of Photographers, I am always progressing with my craft to make sure that the memories that we create on your shoot are going to be the absolute best that they can be and when they are all that’s left, they show your beloved pet in the most natural ways possible.

3 Easy steps to getting the amazing images your dog deserves!

Dog Photographer Stoke on Trent


Getting to know you

Click the Lets Chat button and send me a message. I will book a call with you to discuss what you want from the shoot. That allows me to customise your shoot so that you get want you want from our time together



We meet on location and spend up to 2 hours together. We start off with me getting to know your pup so they get used to me and the camera. Then its on to the fun stuff and photographing your dog doing what they do best!


Pick your Wall Art

Within 2 weeks, I will have your top 20 to 30 images prepared for you to view. We can do this in person or via an online gallery and you get to pick your favourites and how you want to display them!



To make my products as accessible as possible, I have created packages to save my customers money. These start at just £599

Al A Carte

If none of packages suit your budget, all of my products are available to purchase separately and wall art starts at just £290

Gift Cards

Know someone who deserves to have lasting memories of their pet? Get them a professional dog photographer gift card!

Top FAQs


Theres nothing worse than a soggy pooch, if weather looks like it will impact the happiness of your pup, or the ability to get a proper image, cameras these days will show every rain drop, we will re-schedule for free. I want your shoot to be memorable and perfect for both your and the pup


Lighting conditions are most often best for photography early in the day or a couple of hours before sunset.  In the middle of the day lighting can be quite harsh because the sun is at its’ highest.  In the summer, the middle of the day can become too hot if we are not under any cover.  We will make a decision together when we book the session. 

Dog Photographer Portrait Packages Wall Art