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A bit about my past

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Alan Dukes

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Hey everyone,

A quick little blog today.

Over my time off this week, my wife decided that she wanted to go through everything in the loft. During this a box came down with 3 important things that instantly took me back to being a 15 year old boy with bright ginger hair!

The first of these was my Record of Achievement from High School! It was great reading my old thoughts and what the teachers had thought about me. It was also interesting to see how differently my life turned out!

The other 2 items are the things that have led me to become a photographer.

Whilst I was young, I had the pleasure of travelling to many beautiful places around the world. Wherever we were, you could guarantee that my Dad would have his camera and lenses with him in the grey over shoulder bag with twin zips he took everywhere.

During this time, cameras were very different as this was before the invention of digital cameras. Every photo was a gamble and you had to wait for the film to be developed before knowing if your idea had worked!

I loved watching him choose the aperture and shutter speed to make sure everything came out right and the more interest I took, the more I was allowed to use the camera. I remember one holiday in Istanbul where I caught sight of something I wanted to photograph and disappeared off to get the shot. A few minutes later, a rather angry father and relieved mother appeared. I was told that I was not to vanish off with so much camera gear with me! I never understood the value of that bag until now when I’m responsible for the purchase of lenses!

After finding the cameras, I started to go through some old photos to remember the good times we had. I came across a shot that my dad had taken off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He absolutely loved the bridge and took photos of it from nearly all angles! But one stood out. It was a long exposure he took of it at night with the headlight and brake light trails going across it. With the new modern cameras, it would be very easy to replicate the shot and, even if you got it wrong, re-shoot straight after viewing the result. Obviously, back in around 1998, there was no option to review the shot until it was printed. It was a long wait until we were back in England and the image was printed before we saw just how good it had come out!

After my Dad sadly passed away, I was left his camera gear but it never had the same feeling. I “lent some lenses to a so called friend at the time who then disappeared with.

Fast forward to 2019 and I decided to dip my toe in the water of the digital world and it really gripped me and I haven’t looked back! Constantly upgraded lenses to better models as well as 3 camera body upgrades since then!

This is one of the reasons I’m so glad to be shooting with such up to date gear. Whilst I’m out on a shoot, I can double check shots in seconds on the back of my camera to ensure that my focus is bang on, that I haven’t blown any highlights or clipped any shadows.

This means on any shoot I do, I can pretty much guarantee that I am going to come away with some excellent shots of your pets that truly are worthy of going up on the walls of your home in a celebration of your pet.

If you are interested in finding out any more, visit my website or if you click here you can book a 30 minute consultation with me to discuss how my photoshoots work.

If you aren’t sure why you’d need a professional pet photographer, have a read of my blog about it here.

Thanks for reading


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