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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you photograph dogs?

The joys of using a camera instead of a smartphone means that I can actually be quite a distance away from your pup while I am shooting, allowing for your dog to be natural and free. This allows me to capture really natural images of the true dogs nature. You will often find me on the floor to get that lower perspective!

When will we get our photos?

Your initial viewing will be around 2 weeks after the shoot. This allows me the time to go through all of the images captured on the day and ensure that you are viewing the very best images of your pup. Once you have chosen your images for your free 10×8 print and any further prints or wall art, they will be ready and delivered to you within 2-4 weeks, dependent on production times with my proffesional lab

What about the British weather?

Theres nothing worse than a soggy pooch, if weather looks like it will impact the happiness of your pup, or the ability to get a proper image, cameras these days will show every rain drop, we will re-schedule for free. I want your shoot to be memorable and perfect for both your and the pup

Is there a best time of year to get the best photos?

There’s no particular time and let’s face it, it can rain as much in July as January in the UK!  It really depends on what you are looking for.  Do you want the beautiful colour of bluebells, or the golden cover of Autumn leaves?  Many people think that a sunny day is a great day for photography, which is not the case.  Don’t worry if at our session the sun doesn’t come out – that’s much better for photography!

Can I bring someone with me to the session?

Yes, of course you can bring along who you like. A whole crowd of people would probably be a little distracting so don’t go too mad. Photographing the whole family together, of course including your pets, is a lovely shot though.

You must take loads of photos on my shoot – why can’t I see all of them?

I only provide the very best of my work.  It might take me 5 or 6 similar shots to get the one I want to present to you.  Any pictures that are not good enough to meet my high standards of quality are deleted.  The good news is, you will have the very best pictures from the shoot.

Can I have the images on USB stick?

I offer downloads or personalised USB sticks for sale. 

What happens with digital files?

If you purchase the digital files you will be free to post the low res watermarked files on facebook etc and use the higher res files for printing.  It is not permitted to sell them or enter them into any competitions as your own nor to use them for any commercial purpose.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I’m Stoke on Trent based in UK and yes I love to travel! If you want me to photograph your story, it may require a travel fee, depending on where it takes place. But no worries, I always try to find the cheapest way to come because I love discovering new and wonderful places!

Does it matter if my dog can’t be let off the lead?

Your pups safety is my main concern, if your dog needs to be on lead, I can work my magic within photoshop to remove them. Other than that, we can discuss locations that might be helpful where they may be ok to be let off such as a specially designed secure field, your home or perhaps that of a friend. I own 2 malamutes and a husky so I’m very used to flighty dogs!

Can I ask you to capture a particular shot?

Yes you can, however you know what they say… “never work with children or animals”!  I will do my utmost to obtain the shot you want but cannot provide a guarantee.

How many photos will be in the gallery?

Roughly it will be around 30-40 for the main sessions and around 10 for each of the shorter session such as taster days. 

Is there a best time of day for a photo session?

Lighting conditions are most often best for photography early in the day or a couple of hours before sunset.  In the middle of the day lighting can be quite harsh because the sun is at its’ highest.  In the summer, the middle of the day can become too hot if we are not under any cover.  We will make a decision together when we book the session. 

Will you do a photo session at my home or at my stables?

Yes. The only place I don’t take photos is in a studio.

I have a number of pets, can I still book a shoot?

Yes! I’m very happy to multiple pets for the same package price. The length of the shoots remains the same so the number of shots per pet may be less.

I want a product that isn’t in your package

There are literally hundreds of available options so it probably will be available.  Let me know what you want and I can probably get it for you.

Who owns the copyright?

I retain copyright for all my images, except for pre-agreed commercial shoots.  If you need to purchase the copyright to your images please contact me for further information, otherwise images are sold on a personal use license which you will be asked to confirm when you buy them. 

If you have any other questions please get in touch to discuss today!