Framed Prints


A luxurious and impactful 100% wooden frame available in three best selling colours including shabby chic/white. Hand Painted with unique and purposeful moulding imperfections this frame will enhance and support any image from any genre.


One of the biggest and chunkiest frames we do with a smooth finish. 100% wood which with its deep 2 inch moulding will lift any image. Available in 3 popular finishes giving you the choice you need.


A classic frame moulding, 100% wood with a wood grain texture drawing you into the image. Available in 4 popular finishes.


Available in a selection of colours this 100% wooden frame gives 5 finishes options with a smooth touch finish This classic frame moulding is smooth to the touch with a modern square profile to give your clients even more choice of finish


If you want impact and a huge moulding, then this is for you. 100% wood and available in two distinctive finishes, this is a very contemporary and visually impactful frame.


One of our most popular frames that fits most genres of image, across 3 best selling colours. A hand crafted natural 100% wood finish, and a pleasing visible recess, this is a perfect studio frame option for your clients.


A must have 100% wooden moulding with a very textured and ‘reclaimed’ look and feel to this best selling moulding. Available in four popular finishes, this frame will be a superb edition to your client choices.


A very popular 100% wooden frame with an impressive 5 colour options. Superb matt molding with a natural smooth finish on this ‘go to’ and popular choice for many professional photographers.


A very popular thinner moulding offering 5 finishes with a lined and textured smooth finish. A flat 100% wood square profile giving the clean edging your image requires.


A clean natural moulding with lower edges creating subtle sight lines with 2 popular finishes of Black and White available.