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The portrait session

With Alan Dukes

Craft your perfect portrait experience with Alan Dukes Photography! We capture both canine companions and heartwarming human connections. Explore our seamless session journey and tailor your investment to tell your unique story.

Cute puppy outside photographed by Alan Dukes, Dog Photographer in Stoke on Trent
Picture of a Cockapoo puppy taken in front of dark trees, taken by Alan Dukes Photography, dog photographer in Stoke
Fine art image of a malamute
Scandi Farrow Slate
Camden Tray
Alan Dukes Photography
Step 1
Show your interest

it's straightforward and easy. Just pick a date or specify a deadline, tell Alan a bit about your subject, and your location. We'll take it from there...

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Step 2

At this stage, Alan will conduct a complimentary consultation with you to understand and consolidate your ideas into one or several distinct concepts. This is where we'll talk about locations, schedules, and dates, aligning on the end goals before progressing to the next steps...

Alan Dukes Photography Fine Art
Step 3

Creation now unfolds. This could be a single portrait session with you or your chosen subject, or an extensive journey spanning months of individual photo shoots, styling, and more, all to bring the vision from our consultation to life. This phase includes meticulous retouching and post-production, where countless hours are dedicated to refining every detail of the piece, crafting an iconic work of art. Following the creation phase, we then transition into...

Scandi Frame_44x34_Light Walnut.jpg
Step 4
The Reveal

In this exciting phase, we meet again, either in person or virtually, to unveil the masterpieces crafted in step 3. This moment often marks the first time you'll see the elements from the creation process in their final, stunning form.

Camden Tray Frame_60x40_Walnut.jpg
Step 5

In this step, your artwork is entrusted to my expert printing partner in the North East. Here, they meticulously hand-print, varnish, craft, and frame your piece to meet my precise standards, all upon your request. The artwork is then carefully packaged and shipped to me in Staffordshire. After a thorough inspection to ensure perfection, I personally deliver this masterpiece right to your doorstep.

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Outdoor Session

  • 1-2 hour classic portrait session with Alan at a scenic Staffordshire location
  • Exclusive face-to-face photograph Reveal Session of 10 -20 exquisitely crafted images
  • Options of either elegance wall art or the grandeur of wall galleries, a favourite of most of my clients
  • £50 credit towards any wall art from our curated product guide, with most clients chosing to invest between £200 and £500


Scandi Frame 34x24 Light Walnut

Unveil the Eternal Trilogy: Your gateway to exquisite wall art

Immerse yourself in the “Eternal Trilogy,” my signature collection of Fine Art triptychs meticulously designed to elevate your space. Imagine three captivating panels, seamlessly woven together, spanning a majestic 95 inches with elegant gaps for added depth. Each piece, a breathtaking blend of artistry and craftsmanship, promises to become the undisputed focal point of your home.


No need to navigate the complexities of planning! I’ve expertly curated these stunning wall galleries, offering you a range of pre-designed options. Whether you prefer a classic approach or a touch of the unconventional, we have sizes and configurations to perfectly suit your vision.

To ensure a seamless integration, we recommend a simple step: photograph your desired space before your viewing session. With a clear understanding of your walls’ dimensions and aesthetic, we can confidently guide you towards the “Eternal Trilogy” that was meant for your home.

Embrace the effortless elegance of a pre-designed masterpiece. Discover the “Eternal Trilogy” and unlock the door to a home adorned with captivating artistry.

Copy of Digitalab frame collection Camden Farrow Scandi Thatch

Unveiling Canine Luxury: Immerse Your Home in Acrylic Elegance

Imagine vibrant colours and intricate details bursting forth from a sleek, modern acrylic print. Each frame, a touch of understated elegance, seamlessly complements the brilliance of your beloved pet’s image. Meticulously hand-crafted to perfection, these masterpieces capture every soulful gaze and playful wag with unyielding precision.

Indulge in the ultimate statement piece, starting from just £210 for a 16×12″ masterpiece. Transform your living space into a vibrant sanctuary, echoing the unconditional love and boundless energy that reside within your canine companion.

Dog Photographer Fine Art Wall Art

Unleash the Exquisite: Your Paw-trait in Fine Art Glory

Step into a realm of canine elegance with Alan Dukes Photography’s Fine Art Etch Prints. Imagine the sumptuous whisper of textured Hahnemuhle paper, each detail of your beloved dog’s portrait etched with enduring beauty. Hand-coated in a protective giclee varnish, these masterpieces defy time, guarding their vibrancy from UV rays and playful paws alike.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Nestled within a stunning tray frame, your furry friend’s essence dances in a halo of space, seemingly suspended beyond the canvas. Choose a crisp, modern edge for a touch of contemporary flair, or embrace the rustic charm of a torn, deckled finish. Each print whispers a unique story, as personal as the bond you share with your four-legged companion.

Indulge in the ultimate Fine Art Tray Frame for your canine soulmate. Starting from just £340 for a 24×16″ masterpiece, Alan Dukes Photography’s Fine Art Etch Prints transform your living space into a sanctuary of love and laughter.

Dog Photographer Wall Art

Immerse your walls in Canine Grandeur: Unveiling the Canvas Tray Frame

The magic lies in the subtle details. A whisper of space, a “shadow gap” between the frame and canvas, adds a touch of drama, drawing the eye deeper into your furry friend’s captivating gaze. Choose the glistening protection of a giclee varnish, guarding against dust and playful paws, or embrace the natural texture of a matte finish. Each option whispers a whisper of luxury, tailored to your aesthetic dreams.

Starting from just £160 for a 12×16″ masterpiece, the Canvas Tray Frame promises to transform your walls into a canvas of devotion and playful energy. Imagine the soft brushstrokes of your dog’s fur echoing the warmth of sunlight streaming through the room, or their mischievous twinkle sparking laughter even in your absence.

Screenshot 2023 01 28 at 15.48.53

Embrace the Rustic Charm: Unveiling the Ladder Triptych

Your walls yearn for a story, a symphony of textures and canine joy. Alan Dukes Photography presents the Ladder Triptych, a hand-crafted masterpiece where rustic elegance dances with the playful spirit of your beloved dog. Imagine three weathered Birch Blocks, each 8×8 inches of textured beauty, woven together by a bespoke set of wooden steps.This is more than wall art; it’s a testament to sustainability. Our FSC-approved wood whispers secrets of responsibly forested trees, while our partnership with Ecologi ensures that for every Ladder Triptych you bring home, a new tree takes root.

Starting from just £250, the Ladder Triptych promises to transform your living space into a sanctuary of rustic charm and playful memories

Dog Photographer Birch Sphere Wall Art

Unveil the Unexpected: Embrace the Birch Sphere

The clean lines of the sphere embrace countless photographic styles. Imagine your dog’s mischievous grin peeking from within its polished embrace, or their soulful gaze radiating warmth, amplified by the gentle curve. The treated wood on the back whispers promises of longevity, ensuring your furry friend’s portrait becomes a cherished companion for years to come.

Starting from just £100 for an 8×8″ masterpiece, the Birch Sphere promises to elevate the aesthetic of any room. 

Screenshot 2022 10 13 at 13.36.27 copy

Embrace the Modern Muse: Unveiling the Acrylic Sphere

Your walls crave a contemporary edge, a portal to canine elegance bathed in luminous clarity. Alan Dukes Photography presents the Acrylic Sphere, where vibrant dog portraits dance within a gleaming oasis of modern grace. Imagine ultra-high clarity acrylic, its polished curves amplifying every detail of your beloved pet’s spirit. Beneath its crystal kiss, Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional paper whispers secrets of vibrant color, each pixel bursting forth with breathtaking brilliance.

But the magic lies not just in the surface. Imagine a stunning circular crop, a departure from the ordinary that draws the eye deeper into your dog’s captivating gaze. This is art that isn’t confined; it floats, suspended on a bed of 3mm highly durable Foamex, ready to grace any modern environment with its effortless poise.

Starting from just £130 for a 12×12″ masterpiece, the Acrylic Sphere promises to elevate your living space into a sanctuary of contemporary glamour. 

All of my prints come mounted and matted so that they are themselves a piece of art and ready to display in your home. They are sandwiched between 2 2mm thick pieces of card and are available in white, black or ivory mounts to suit any modern living space. These pieces of art start at £35 for a 10×7″ print in a 14×10″ mount

Matted Prints

Don’t let any lingering questions hold you back from capturing your furry friend’s magic forever. Booking a quick call with me is the perfect way to:

  • Clear away any doubts: We can explore all your questions and concerns about your dream photoshoot,ensuring it’s the perfect fit for you and your pup.
  • Craft a bespoke session: No one-size-fits-all here! We’ll chat about your vision, preferred locations, and ideal furry expressions to tailor a session that reflects your unique bond.
  • Get excited: Talking about capturing your dog’s playful spirit is contagious! Let’s spark the excitement and get you pumped for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Just shoot me a message or visit my website to schedule your quick call – let’s chat paws-itively about capturing your dog’s brilliance!