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My Journey Through Paws and Portraits:

Hi, I’m Alan, an adventure-loving, photography-obsessed, father-of-five from sunny Stoke-on-Trent

The sun dappling through leaves, the wind whispering through fur, a playful glint in a dog’s eye – these are the whispers of nature that ignited my passion for dog photography. Sharing my life with two incredible pups, a majestic Malamute and a mischievous Frenchie, fueled a desire to capture the vibrant spirits of dogs in the embrace of the outdoors.


My canvas isn’t the studio, it’s the breathtaking tapestry of nature. Forests become enchanted backdrops, fields transform into playgrounds, and every rustle of leaves becomes a symphony of canine joy. I’m not just a photographer, I’m an architect of memories, crafting wall-worthy portraits that sing with personality and echo the unique bond between dog and owner.

But my artistry doesn’t end with a click. Each piece is hand-crafted to the highest standards here in the UK, ensuring heirloom quality that transcends trends. From meticulously curated sessions to hand-finished artwork, I pour my heart and soul into creating pieces that become cherished companions in your home.

My photography philosophy? I believe the most captivating portraits emerge when dogs are simply being themselves, exploring nature with unrestrained glee. My lens becomes a silent observer, capturing the wagging tails, mischievous glances, and playful spirits that define their true essence.

Imagine us embarking on a playful exploration, finding the perfect sun-dappled clearing or moss-covered path that echoes your dog’s spirit. We’ll let their personality guide the way, capturing bursts of playful energy and moments of serene reflection. Just like that shy Pug discovering his inner adventurer during our forest outing, every photoshoot is a journey of connection, revealing the unique charm that makes each dog so special.

Ready to let your furry friend become a captivating centerpiece for your walls? Let’s chat and craft a bespoke adventure that captures the magic of their spirit. Contact me today, and let the symphony of paws in portraits begin!

When my camera's in the case

When I’m not weaving canine magic, my house transforms into a vibrant symphony of playful energy. Five fantastic children keep my days lively, while two adventurous dogs ensure every walk through the woods is an expedition. Even my tropical fish contribute to the chaos (though their listening skills are admittedly impressive!).

Photography’s magic found me through my dad, a passionate amateur who sparked my early curiosity. As a child, I was his shadow, eyes glued to his lens as he captured the world around him, fingers eager to help clean those precious glass eyes. It was an apprenticeship of sorts, an early immersion in the power and beauty of a frozen moment.

This love for storytelling with light translates into crafting portraits that go beyond fur and features. I capture the playful spirit that dances in your dog’s eyes, the unwavering loyalty etched in their gentle gaze, the joyful symphony of paws on forest paths. Each image becomes a portal, inviting you to relive the laughter, the muddy paw prints, the unconditional love that makes every dog’s presence pure magic.

Ready to immortalize your furry muse on your walls? Let’s embark on a photographic adventure together, capturing the unique spirit of your four-legged companion in all its playful glory. Contact me today, and let the symphony of paws and portraits begin!

Pet Photographer of the Year Alan Dukes
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