The Ultimate Folio Box from £499

Our Premium Walnut boxes are constructed using the finest materials. The base is made from MDF and is then veneered in American Walnut which is sourced from the Appalachian mountains – the best walnut growing district in the world. It's the same material that has been used for furniture in the Louvre, Palais de Versailles and Buckingham Palace!

Photo of folio box on a shelf

The box features a crystal clear tempered glass window in which your favourite image can be displayed. The crystal clear nature of the glass will ensure your work is always seen at is very best. Because it is tempered glass, it is extremely tough and durable. The beautifully crafted wooden box has a luxurious soft touch material on the interior and the gunmetal hinges are both practical and stylish.

Photograph of a folio box open

These amazing boxes are really versatile. You can put your favourite image in the window to display, but as time goes on, you are able to change the image to keep it looking fresh.

The folio box is designed to stand easily on tables or sideboards so it offers wall art without the wall!

You can have up to 30 images in the box, so its a reason to keep updating your pups photos as they grow

Photograph of a folio box and matted prints