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Unforgettable Companions: Discover the Dog Breeds That Live the Longest

Picture of a Chihuahua for a blog on Dogs breeds that live the longest
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Alan Dukes

As a passionate dog owner, one of the most beautiful, yet heart-wrenching realities is understanding that our time with our beloved pets is limited. Naturally, many potential pet parents seek breeds known for their longevity. If you’re considering adding a new furry member to your family, you might be wondering, “What dogs live the longest?”

Let’s delve into the world of long-living canine companions and discover which breeds are known for their remarkable lifespans.


Don’t be fooled by their tiny size; Chihuahuas are known to live long, healthy lives. On average, these feisty little dogs can reach between 14 to 17 years, with some living well into their twenties!


Dashund dog sitting

These loveable sausage-shaped pups also boast impressive lifespans. Standard Dachshunds typically live from 12 to 16 years, while their Miniature counterparts can often live to be older than 17 years.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are not just charming and affectionate; they’re also long-living. On average, a Shih Tzu can enjoy a life ranging from 10 to 16 years, with many surpassing this range.

Toy Poodle

Picture of a toy poodle

The petite Toy Poodle is renowned for its intelligence, elegance, and longevity. These furry companions typically live between 14 to 18 years, providing many years of companionship.


Known for their luxurious white coats and gentle nature, Maltese dogs typically live between 12 to 15 years. Some have been known to live into their late teens or even early twenties!

While a dog’s lifespan can be influenced by their breed, remember that individual health, diet, exercise, and regular veterinary care play crucial roles in a dog’s life expectancy.

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