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The best of the best for wall art in your Staffordshire home!

Large, framed image of a brown dog on the wall in a living room, taken by Alan Dukes Photography, dog photographer in Stoke
Picture of Alan Dukes

Alan Dukes

Make a statement with your wall art!

So, you’ve chosen your favourite images from your session – now you need to decide how best to show off your treasured pictures…

Modern technology is constantly improving, and the choices of print finish are always increasing.

I have done a lot of research to find the 5 products I am confident will provide the most amazing statement in your home, combined with UK products and a guarantee that they will last

The acrylic piece

Camden Tray

The Camden Tray Frame is a stunning new addition to our Wall Art range which features three distinct finishing options. The open frame surrounds your image with a narrow gap between the solid wood frame and image creating the impression your picture is levitating.

Sleek edges and a crystal clear, high-gloss finish are the hallmarks of this stunning product. Due to this clarity and depth, the properties of your image are intensified when mounted under acrylic, the product highlights vivid colours and adds depth to shadows.

The fine art piece

Fine Art Tray Frame Framed Giclee Print Detail web

A beautifully textured Fine Art Etch Print is hand coated with a protective giclee varnish protecting against UV and scratches whilst still retaining the sumptuous texture of the Hahnemuhle Fine Art Print, it is then mounted within a stunning tray frame leaving a gap around the edge creating the illusion that it is suspended within the frame. Choose between a clean, crisp edge to your print or a torn, deckled edge to add a more distinct and unique finish and due to the protective nature of the giclee varnish, no glass or acrylic is needed to protect your print ensuring that your image is reflection free.

The canvas piece

ChromaLuxeFramedCorner2 237x230 1

Our gorgeous Canvas Tray Frame is left open without glass with a Matte Canvas Print sitting flush with the front of the solid wood frame for a beautifully minimalist feel.

A shadow gap is left between the inside edge of the Tray Frame and the side of the canvas creating a more dramatic version of the negative space provided by a traditional mount.

Ladder triptych

Screenshot 2022 12 23 at 16.55.29

A genuinely unique wall art option. Our beautifully rustic Ladder Triptychs are hand-made here in our England based workshop. Three of our weathered 8×8 inch Birch Blocks are fixed within a bespoke set of wooden steps, each one built and finished individually by master craftsmen.

Like all of our wooden products our Ladder Triptychs are all FSC approved wood from responsibly forested trees and for every unit sold we will plant a tree via our sustainability partner Ecologi.

Birch Sphere

Birch Sphere 4022

The Birch Sphere is a circular alternative to our stunning Birch Blocks offering something a little different from the norm. These are precision cut and beautifully finished by master craftsmen here in England.
The natural edge pattern of the 18mm thick Birch Sphere provides a clean, natural finish to the product that suits countless different styles of photography and the treated wood finish on the back of the block makes this a stunning product.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of these new ideas  – please feel free to share or comment on whether you have a favourite..

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